Yokosuka is one of the few cities in Japan where you can pay with dollars.
Have any dollars lying around the house? Take the opportunity to use them and receive special deals when you eat and shop!
Experience the unique, international atmosphere of "Dorumachi Yokosuka"!

Participating stores will have this mark (sign)!
Participating stores will have this mark (sign)!

Eat, drink, or shop at any of Dorumachi’s participating restaurants and stores, and
You can receive Dorumachi Yokosuka original items! (some businesses excluded)

※While supplies last

You can participate even if you don't have dollars

Anyone can participate!!
“Reiwa” can be broken down and read in Japanese as the numbers: “018”, “08”, or “18”. Show either an item, image, or photo that represents these numbers!
Get Dorumachi Yokosuka original wet wipes!
Look around and try to find a “Reiwa” !

You’re lucky if your name includes a part of “Reiwa” !!
If you show your I.D. (e.g. Passport) that includes either “令”, “和”, “R”, or “W”,
You can get a Dorumachi Yokosuka original mini cotton bag!
Find a part of “Reiwa” in the names of your friends and family!

If you pay with dollars, you can receive special deals and services when you eat, drink, and shop! (some businesses excluded)
Check the pamphlet from more info!

Please note

  • The exchange rate is differ at each store.
  • You can not use foreign currency coins.
  • Dollar prices listed on HP fluctuate with rates. In addition, each store may have a rule regarding the use of dollars. Please ask the shop staff for details.
  • High dollar bills may not be available depending on the store.
  • Of course you can pay even in Japanese yen.